Settle Down Pills

All Natural 

(Organic or Wild-Crafted)

Non-Habit forming

Synergistic Blend 

Settle Down Pills are an all natural blend of vitamins and herbs that help to balance and calm the excessive neural activity that creates uneasy feelings of worry, concern and panic.

Settle Down helps quiet inner brain chatter. 

Use it for Daytime Focus! 

Use it for Nighttime Calming! 


Before I started taking the pills I felt unstable and not focused . I also knew that people thought I was annoying. After I took the pills I felt like I was more focused and nobody complained about me being annoying.
--Keegan K. (12 yrs old),  Colorado

Hello Maria,
I wanted to let you know how the settle Down pills since I met you 2 weeks ago. Before the taking the pills I was always wired and could not sleep. When I started to take them I felt level and ​have ​had​ slept​ better​.
Thank You
--Chris ​K.,  Northern Colorado


For those of us who have bipolar disorder and anxiety attacks, and may be taking harsh anti-anxiety pills, there is a gentle solution to better mental and emotional balance.  It’s called “Settle Down”.  This product has really enhanced my life and does just that—it settles you down when nothing else helps.  I take several medications and “Settle Down” in no way interferes with the uptake of any of them.  I have used “Settle Down” often enough to know that I can take three capsules at the start of a panic attack or when I am totally stressed and unable to unwind and within minutes begin to feel a sense of calm and well-being restored.  My mind races 24-7 and I have difficulty sleeping, both of which “Settle Down” fixes for me.  “Settle Down” is a wonderful product and I don’t ever want to be without it.
--Lisa R.  Overland Park,  KS


Essential Tremors~
I have a neurological disorder called Essential Tremor (ET). It is called Essential because modern medicine still does not know exactly what causes it. It is sometimes called Benign Familial Tremor. I do not know why they call it Benign, because as far as I am concerned, there is nothing benign about it. Familial refers to the fact that in most ET cases it is genetic. It can pass from one generation to the next generation and at times skip a generation, as it did with me. My grandmother had ET, but my father did not. It afflicts approximately 10 million Americans. People can develop ET at any age in life from a very young age to a very old age. It can affect your limbs (arms/hands/legs) and it can affect your voice box (Actress Katherine Hepburn).  It can affect just one of these body parts or all of them. I am 60 years old and I have had ET since the age of eighteen. As I have grown older, my ET has worsened somewhat. I took Inderal (aka Propranolol=Beta Blocker) for about 40 years to lessen the tremors, but about one year ago I decided that I would rather shake a little more than continue to take the medication. I am fortunate in the fact that on a scale of 1 to 10, without taking the medication, I am around a 3 to 4. I have seen.

YouTube videos of people with ET of 8 and above. I am currently very fortunate that I do not have it as severely as that. As I just mentioned, I am a 3 to 4  when I am not anxious, but I am about a 7 to 8 when I am anxious. The reason I preface this testimonial with the above is to spread the awareness of ET (Ten times more people have ET than Parkinson’s, but research funding for ET is about 1/10th  of what it is for Parkinson’s.  Also people with ET, as the condition possibly worsens as they grow older, tend to become more reclusive due to embarrassment). So the next time you see someone’s hands or head shake more than likely it is ET and not Parkinson’s).
Yesterday (Feb 15, 2015), at the age of 60, I earned my Black Belt in Ninjutsu and Jiujutsu. Most of the time during Black Belt tests there are several other students testing at the same time, but in my case I was the only one testing in front of not only my friends and family, but 5 other senseis who were evaluating and grading my performance. I am not going to say that I was still not somewhat nervous, but I honestly and sincerely feel that because of “Settle Down” that rather than having my ET ramp up to a possible 7 to 8 (scale of 1 to 10) as it usually would have, I feel that it increased to only a 5 which as far as I am concerned was a miracle!!! Without trying to sound overly religious/spiritual, I feel that God intervened because it was only about 72 hours before my test that I had ever heard about “Settle Down”. I have tried other supplements without success that advertise a calming effect. I tried a sample of “Settle Down” and then ordered it from Maria Boldry who was kind enough to go out of her way to send it to me priority mail so that I would have it in time for my Black Belt test. Maria even offered to meet me halfway between Denver and Greeley if I did not receive the bottle in the mail before the test. Is that not incredible customer service and a dedication to their profession!!! People with ET may tend to be a little more nervous/anxious than others who do not have ET so now that I have passed my Black Belt test, I intend on taking “Settle Down” on a daily basis to help with my overall anxiousness. Thanks Maria!!!
--Greg O., Denver, CO



I have used the Settle Down pills on my therapy horses.  It has helped them stay calm and relaxed while they are working with people to heal.  It is safe and effective for the horses.  I have one horse that does not like horse trailers and I gave him some before I loaded him and he went in and he stayed relaxed the whole ride out there.  
My daughter has used them while she is at college for her anxiety and it really helps her focus as well as to stay calm for taking tests and during other anxiety situations in her life.  This is amazing product.   

--Michelle S., Hope Equine,  Greeley CO

Dear: Dr.Maria,  I am 12 years old and really love these pills they really help me focus and calm down at school.  I really like them.  I think the bottle they are in is a very family friendly bottle also I wanted to tell you that you are very smart and how you came up with this amazes me.  Thank you VERY VERY VERY much for it
--A.J. M. (12 years old), Thornton CO

My wife and I received a sample packet of Settle Down from one of her coworkers, who had given it to us after hearing our concerns that our so may have ADHD.  The difference was remarkable!  He went from having a difficult time focusing in class, to being a productive student, showing just how bright he truly is.  Settle Down is an amazing product, and we swear by it. 
--Brian M. (A.J.'s father),  Thornton CO

--Joey (11 yrs old),  Colorado

A while ago, my mom and dad thought maybe I had ADD. I really didn't want to take the medication or go to therapy or anything like that. My dad found a pill that has herbs in it that are supposed to help with that kind of stuff. I take one every day. I started taking them in 6th grade. I'm in 8th grade now. My homework only takes me like 20 or 30 minutes now and I can concentrate in school lots better.

Also, when there is a lot of stuff going on with school work and sports and everything, I used to get real stressed out. I don't so much any more. I've been taking the pills so long now, that this feels normal, but when I forget to take some for a few days in row, I notice that all that stuff starts to make me worried again.

Once on vacation we forgot to bring the pills and I fought with my younger brother the whole time, which I usually don't do on vacation. At first I'd try to sneak not taking the pills, cause I thought it meant that I wasn't "normal" if I had to take pills of some kind. Then my mom showed me all the ingredients and told me they were natural and that they could be found in all kinds of foods and herbs and that this was just a quicker way of getting those herbs in me than to eat 4 cups of milk thistle leaves! Or to drink a whole gallon of orange juice to get the vitamin C! That sounded okay to me and it doesn't make me feel embarrassed to take the pill anymore.
 --Thank you,
           Will  14 yrs old​, Colorado​

      My son was 12 years old and had started middle school. He struggled immensely to focus in class and to keep everything organized. As a result he was getting very poor grades due to missing assignments (that he had completed but couldn't remember when or where or WHO they were to be turned in to).  This, understandably, turned to constant frustration, which resulted in a total "character change." He was short with his younger brothers and both myself and my husband. He would have 3-4 hours of homework every night and he just couldn't seem to keep his head above water.
       At parent teacher conference when we brought up how much homework was being assigned, the teachers said that it should take no more than 30-60 minutes each night. Two of the teachers asked if we had considered having our son tested for ADD. Saying that he seemed distracted in class and that the homework just should NOT be taking that long! After much research (but no formal diagnosis), we came to the hard realization that he probably did, in fact, suffer from ADD. My husband and I both knew children that had been medicated for ADD and we both felt firmly that we did NOT want our son to be on what, we considered, "zombie" medication.
       We did lots of research and found certain herbs and foods that would help with concentration issues and that would help with anxiety, etc. With a list of the herbs in my husband's hand, he walked into Maria's shop. He described to her our son's symptoms and she immediately directed him to the "Settle Down Pill." There, right on the packaging, was EVERY one of the herbs we had researched, plus a few extra that we didn't even know about!
       We began giving our son 1pill per day in the morning. In 2 weeks, his homework was down to 2 hours and he stopped snapping us...In 1 month, his homework was down to 1 hour and he was being kind to everyone again! Although there is still the occasional argument with his siblings (that's what happens in a home with 3 brothers!), we feel like he is back to his old, fun, clever, inquisitive self! I should also say that we made a real effort for him to eat more "fresh" foods versus "processed" foods. We strongly feel like that, combined with "The Settle Down Pill" has given us our son back and made our home a more peaceful one again!
--Forever Thankful,
          Kelli​ (Will's mom),  Colorado​

Hello. So I'll start out by saying I have been taking " Settle Down" now for a few months. And from that short time of taking this herbal supplement, I have notice a tremendous change in my mood, attitude, and also my anxiety.
I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in February this year. Adjusting back to civilian life was quite difficult I must say. I didn't want to even go outside. Talk to people. Even find a job. The only lifestyle I knew was of the Marines. I went through a long process with the VA for disability compensation. While being assessed by multiple doctors I was finally diagnosed with PTSD and also performance and social anxiety. They wanted to stick me on medicine but I refused to take it mainly because I was afraid I would become so dependent and develop an addiction.
My friend who does my massage therapy shares a building with LifeLite Solutions. I was turned on to "Settle Down" by Maria.  Since I've been taking it, I can finally go out, be in large crowds, and also I got myself a job. Depending on certain situations I will take anywhere from 2 to even 5 capsules. Obviously the more I take the better I'll deal with a uncomfortable situations. Overall I think this is a great supplement.
--Rusty S.  Greeley CO

I started taking SETTLE DOWN a few months ago, due to added stress in life causing sleep loss. It was recommended as an all-natural trade out for melatonin and other type(narcotic/drowsy) products, the results were amazing to say the least from the very first day. I went from 3-4 hours of sleep a night, to 7-8 hours continuous a night. Settle down saved me from complete exhaustion, back to a normal functioning person. I have had the pleasure of recommending this product to co-workers, and they are seeing amazing results as well. Thanks to Kayla Boldry for the recommendation, and Maria Boldry for getting me on this product.
--Jerrell M.,  Greeley CO

When I take my Settle Down pill, it makes me feel calmer. When I take my Settle Down medicine the crazy side of my body is smaller. I listen better in class and to my teacher. It makes me feel happy and like a new person. I am happy to take it.
--Asa, 9 yrs old

I was first introduced to the Settle Down pill when I reached out to LiteLife Solutions for help with my son. While he is a smart and ready to learn boy, he was struggling in the classroom with talking out of turn and not being able to sit still. Within the first days of taking Settle Down, I noticed that he was able to focus better and did not have as many outbursts in class. My son has been taking it for over six months and I as a parent have seen a vast improvement in his attention, concentration and self-control. I also am able to see a difference between when he does take Settle Down and when he forgets to take it.

I started to take Settle Down shortly after my son did, I have always had trouble falling asleep. My mind just seems to run over the things I did, things I did not do, things I need to do and worrying about random things. It takes me close to an hour to fall asleep some nights. When I take Settle Down at night, I am asleep shortly after my head hits the pillow. I also take it when I know I am going into a stressful situation or am going to have a stressful day and it seems to calm my nerves.

There are many things that I love about Settle Down, I love the fact that it is a natural supplement that can do so much. The fact that I can take it when I need it and it works almost instantly amazes me. Another thing that I love about Settle Down is that there are no side effects and no build up within the body of chemicals that are unnatural to the body.

I would choose this Natural Remedy over any prescription for ADHD, insomnia or anxiety! I have recommended Settle Down to many family members and as a massage therapist I have recommended Settle Down to many clients.
--Colleen (Asa's Mom), Colorado

Performance Anxiety:
As an opera singer, life can present some pretty stressful, nerve wrecking, and anxious situations. Between auditions, performing a new role for the first time, and singing in a competition where money and career advancement is at stake, needing to stay calm, focused, and in control of something as simple as "breathing" is very important. I've been taking the Settle Down pills before these types of events for over a year now and I've found myself having great success. Even if I don't land the job or advance and win a competition, the Settle Down pills have helped me replace the anxiety and doubt I used to feel with confidence and focus so that I can perform at my highest ability. Thank you, Maria, for sharing this product! It truly does make a difference.
--Colleen Jackson,  Chicago IL

As a fulltime college student who also works a full time I can’t tell you the amount of times per week my nerves are frayed. I’ve often found myself in full blown anxiety attacks, which believe me are not conducive to studying. I was lucky enough to receive a sample pack of Settle Down along with a bottle of Daily Defense (AWESOME product!). I wasn’t sure what to expect, would I feel like I’d taken a sedative? Would my brain feel sluggish? The answer is Nope! I felt great, like I was actually able to take a breath and tackle the next task on my list. I recommend Settle Down to anyone who wants a safe, natural alternative to anti-anxiety medication.
--Erin F.,  Eugene OR

Imagine a household that has never had pets, for various reasons then becomes obligated to take care of an older, non-disciplined, male dog for a sick relative, term of care unknown.  The animal by no fault of his own has been spoiled by being held almost constantly, allowed to sleep in the bed, fed people food and knows no commands at all, not even sit.  Due to the change for him and the fact we cannot or will not allow some of the same habits at our home, the dog became stressed.  He began to howl, whine, scratch, mark, and hyperventilate.  We tried everything to help him to calm down, as there were times this would go on into the early morning.  We tried music, darkness, lavender candles, exercise, putting him in high traffic areas so he could see us, and so on.  Some methods would work for a while and he would calm down.  When we tried to reward him with attention for these calm moments, he would simply revert back to the very needy state again.  Oh my Gosh what are we going to do!!!!!  Fortunately we mentioned our dilemma to Maria and she recommended her new product Settle Down.  She claimed if we gave him half a capsule within ten minutes time he would be calm.  Skeptical but hopeful we gave it a try, and low and behold it worked!  WOW what a relief, her formula relaxes him so he can sleep.  We have been giving him his nightly dose for a month now with no apparent side effects except a calmer environment for all!    Thank you Maria!  
--Kim  R.,  Bennett  CO


Ever since I started using Settle Down pills I don't have to worry about my nerves and anxiety when I'm headed to an important meeting or being in a new situation and I can focus better! Awesome stuff!!
--Levi G.,  Greeley CO

I started using the settle down pills in April of 2014. My head was always going inside and it never stopped. Everything in life made me nervous and on edge. Since I have been taking the pills I feel normal and calm again. I am sleeping good at night and I not on edge all the time. The huge plus with these pills is that they are all natural and don't upset my stomach and I don't feel medicated. I have recommended them to my friends and family. What a huge difference they have made in my life!  Thank you Lite Life Solutions!  
--Robbi K.,  Evans CO    

Last year I had difficulty with paying attention, doing my homework, sitting still in class, and writing assignments. This year it has been easier for me to concentrate using the Settle Down pills. It has been easier to listen and pay attention to my teachers and work with my classmates and I don't blurt out answers in class anymore.  
--Ian P. (age 10),  Loveland, CO

For years we having been looking for a natural way to help Ian with his ADHD symptoms and believe we have finally found the key to helping him in school and in life. By the end of last school year, we were very discouraged and thought we were going to have to take the medication route; however, this summer we found the Settle Down pills and they have come to our rescue!  In conjunction with taking fish oil and mineral supplements (Zinc Liver Chelate and Min-Tran by Standard Process), I believe the Settle Down pills are the solution to helping him pay attention, follow directions, keep on task, complete assignments and be less impulsive in class.  His teachers have already noticed a marked improvement over last year and we are excited to go to school again!  We are so thankful for the Settle Down pills.  We have been praying and believe this is the answer!
--Melissa P. (Ian’s mom),  Loveland CO


In January 2014, my husband of 28 years was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Two weeks later, he underwent surgery to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball. He went through chemo and radiation. During this time my youngest daughter was getting ready to graduate from High School. These two large changes in my life sent me into a depression. A very good friend knew the trouble I was having and knew that I didn't want to go on medication. She brought ten of these Settle Down pills to me at work. I truly began to feel better almost right away.  I tell people, if this is just a mental thing and the herbs aren't really working, who cares it is working for me!!  I take two when I wake up and two later in the day.  Thursday, August 21st my daughter moved into her dorm at college. I truly believe without these pills I would not be functioning as well as I am.  Thank you LiteLife Solutions for making me feel human again. I can go through a day without crying at the drop of a hat!
--Kim H.,  Greeley CO



Before I started taking the pills I felt unstable and not focused . I also knew that people thought I was annoying. After I took the pills I felt like I was more focused and nobody complained about me being annoying.
Keegan K. (12 yrs old),  Colorado


Hello Maria,
I wanted to let you know how the settle Down pills since I met you 2 weeks ago. Before the taking the pills I was always wired and could not sleep. When I started to take them I felt level and ​have ​had​ slept​ better​.
Thank You
Chris ​K.,  Northern Colorado